Monday, November 14, 2011

Tips On Traveling With Your Pets From The Sky Steward

The Sky Steward, Gailen David
By Gailen David

[Gailen David is known as the The Sky StewardHe has appeared on TV as a Travel Expert, is the Jetiquette® Guru, and a Contributing Blogger for Welcome to Miami and the Beaches magazine.]

Traveling with your pets can be a truly civilized experience. Here is some information to make your next trip with your furry family member easy and enjoyable:

Before Departure

Get your pet used to traveling by transporting them around town in their carrier.

· Buy a carrier that allows your pet to move around comfortably and that suits their personality
· Socialize your pet as much as possible since he/she will be exposed to many people, sounds and even other animals when traveling.

Tip: Put their favorite toys and chews in their carrier and allow them to spend time in it at home.

Pets In The Sky

Check with your airline for their policy regarding travel with your furry family members. Here are the general guidelines:

· There is often a 20-pound limit, which includes pet and carrier
· Pet carrier dimensions of 13-inches high X 9-inches wide are acceptable
· Airlines usually limit two pets in the first class cabin and five in coach, so book early
· There will be a $75-$100 charge each way

Tip: To keep your pet hydrated, use a medicine dropper to provide small amounts of water to pet during the trip.

Pets In Hotels

There are more pet friendly hotels than ever.  Visit for a pet-friendly hotel directory and always check each hotel's website for their specific pet policies.

· Many hotels will charge a non-refundable pet deposit
· Pets must not be left unattended in room
· Pet-sitting is offered by some hotels
· Pet amenities (beds, treats, toys, etc.) are offered upon request in selected hotels

Tip: Upon arriving in hotel room, immediately place pee-pee pad on bathroom floor and spend some time allowing your pet to get acquainted with this area for “potty emergencies.”

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