Thursday, December 2, 2010

Music Inspires: Three Days of Fashion, Art and Film During Art Basel Week

"Music Inspires" is a three-day festival showcasing works in the fields of fashion, art and film, all enhanced by music. Among the featured artists is producer and director Jonathan Lia, who is responsible for Kanye West's latest video. The lineup of artists will curate and integrate an acoustic element into their work, focusing on the relationship between their art and the respective soundtrack. Each evening will feature different media interfusing both live and pre-recorded music that will simultaneously alter and enhance the original experience of the artist's installation. The three-day festival is located at 3852 N. Miami Avenue in the Design District of Miami.

Fashion: Thursday, Dec. 2

7 p.m. Reception

8 p.m. Meet and greet with designer Dao Yi Chow of Black Apple and Public School
9 p.m. Performance by Agape featuring Nadia Harris

Art: Friday, Dec. 3

6 p.m. Lecture, Q and A by University of Miami photographer Tom Lopez

8 p.m. Book signing with photographer Mike Schreiber "True Hip-Hop"

9 p.m. Performance by Shayfer James

Film: Saturday, Dec. 4

7 p.m. Closing Reception

8 p.m. Meet and Greet with producer and director Jonathan Lia

9 p.m. Performance by Community Property

About AE District

AE District was founded in 2008 by Max Pierre in Miami's Design District. AE is not a traditional gallery or a traditional store, it is an abstract idea; a general notion that is purposefully flexible to one's interpretation. AE's mission is to provoke thought and inspire self-expression. AE is an idea that mastery can coexist in a space where one's innate form of self-expression is regarded in the same light as any form of true artistry. For more information, visit

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