Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas with the Chimps at Lion Country Safari

Watch Santa Make a Special Delivery!

Lion Country Safari, America's first cageless zoo, will celebrate the annual Christmas with the Chimps on December 22 beginning at
10:30am. For more than 20 years, Santa Claus has visited man's closest relative at Lion Country Safari's Chimp Islands, bearing wrapped gifts for the chimps. This is the only opportunity throughout the entire year that guests can get out of their vehicles to watch the chimps receive presents. Watch the excitement as some chimps toss the gifts back Santa's way too!!

"The chimpanzees are as excited as you or I about receiving their Christmas presents," says long-time Wildlife Director Terry Wolf, who has worked most closely with Lion Country Safari's chimps. "The fact that they are such highly intelligent primates makes it necessary for us to always go that extra mile to provide them with highly stimulating environmental enrichments. This is a benefit for the staff and chimps. Kind of like Macy's traditional Thanksgiving Day Parade, Lion Country Safari's annual Christmas with the Chimps is our traditional kick-off of the holiday season. This is one of those enrichments that both chimps and humans particularly enjoy," says Wolf.

Attendees need to arrive by 9:45am to allow time to make it through the preserve to the chimps' playground by 10:30 for the present delivery.

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